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Feeling the Cascadia Acceleration!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

BlueDot Photonics was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2019 Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator.

No, we aren't talking about the Cascadia subduction zone. We are talking about BlueDot's latest win.

BlueDot Photonics was recently awarded the Grand Prize and the Potential for Impact Award in the 2019 Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator hosted by the CleanTech Alliance and Vertuelab. The Accelerator is a 15-week program that offers Pacific Northwest startups cleantech-specific training in business planning, customer discovery, manufacturing and planning for environmental and social sustainability.

Our team here at BlueDot is truly humbled by the recognition. It was a great learning experience for the team, challenging us to ask tough questions about our business model. And then validate our answers! The exposure to some of the brightest practitioners and mentors in the cleantech and sustainability sectors were invaluable.

The Accelerator program consisted of many great companies looking to make a difference for the environment. Check them out!

  • Hexas Biomass (Olympia) – Producer of sustainable, non-wood biomass that can supplement or replace wood in multiple applications

  • Hempitecture (Ketchum, Idaho) – Developer of hemp-based insulation products for building construction,

  • Stark Street Materials (Portland) – Producer of lightweight, nontoxic and recyclable X-ray shielding garments for use in the healthcare, dental and other industries.

  • Maxwell Vehicles (Seattle) – Maker of electric vehicle retrofits for fleet cargo vans.

  • SCW Technologies (Seattle) – Developer of a patent-pending technology that uses water to convert plastic to its original petro-chemical state, providing a cost effective solution to plastic marine litter and the landfilling of end-of-life-plastics.

  • SHB Power Plan Engineering (Portland) – Developer of a biomass power system that produces carbon-neutral co-generation power from otherwise intractable fuels, such as sugarcane bagasse and other agricultural waste products.

  • Sustainabilist (Portland) – Developer of a process improvement platform specifically designed for the HVAC and solar trades that small business owners can use instead of an outside consultant.


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