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Bending the curve - the Third Derivative

Climate tech innovation and commercialization is hard. Really, really hard. So hard, that we need a new model for how to bring climate tech out of the lab and into the real world. This is where the Third Derivative program comes in.

On November 30th, 2020, BlueDot was inducted into the inaugural cohort of the Third Derivative program, Cohort 417. Third Derivative is the joint venture between RMI, the leading independent, non-profit working to accelerate the clean energy transition, and New Energy Nexus, a leading organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs. BlueDot was one of almost 50 climate innovation startups, selected from more than 600 applicants across 60+ countries and spanning sectors including electricity, transportation, buildings, industry, energy access, food and agriculture, and financial and business model innovation. This group is "Cohort 417"—named for this year's peak atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of 417.1 ppm recorded in May.

BlueDot is excited to be part of this exciting program that combines a next-generation accelerator, committed venture capital, a curated ecosystem of global corporations, and unparalleled market, regulatory, and policy insights. This level of support is huge for an early-stage company like ourselves.

(Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash)


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